MP Photographie by Michelle Stanislo » Georgia Film Wedding Photographer

About Michelle


I grew up in Maryland and moved to South Georgia in 2006. After college, I discovered my love for capturing the beauty that surrounded me. My Dad and Grandfather both loved film photography and I adore that my passion is deeply rooted in my genes. I am very passionate about animals and all living beings. I believe that if we can live happy, healthy lives without harming others, we should. I pet every animal I see. I am a sunset chaser and star gazer.

I love elegant southern weddings. I love Spanish moss and outdoor ceremonies. I’ve been shooting weddings in Georgia since 2013. I learned photography simultaneously on digital and film. I truly feel like an artist when I shoot film. Film is a naturally beautiful medium and it amazes me that I can create such a fabulous image with just a fraction of light. Shooting film is my passion and I feel it truly makes my work come to life.